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Your Customer Retention – Upgraded! Get An Email System That Grows Your Revenue By Up To 35% or More.

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Say Hello To Simple Sales:

If you’re spending $10k-$300k on ads this is for you!
There’s a lot of money to be made when.

But, what they really want is to be moved.

That’s why there’s always MORE money to be made in a highly-effective email marketing system that produces cash for your brand…24/7.
That’s exactly what Leadhook’s Email Marketing System does. Seriously. It’s a complete A-Z system that moves your audience word for word, email to email, and button to button…etc.
And converts them into diehard, raving customers of your brand aka… on demand revenue.
Our Process

Here's how it works in 3 simple steps:

It’s systemized to automatically create fresh new profit centers you’re not even aware of right now… in 90 days or less. In other words,we’ve got the cashflow recipes, you,ve got the growing list.

Identify acquisition ROI potential

think of attracting more prospects

Email Indoctrination

think of converting more customers

Retention Strategies 

think of increasing the value  of each customers

Our Work

Here’s How Leadhook Can Help

Exception Acquisition Strategies & Execution; Acquire More Customers

As part of our 90-day system, we start with asking “how can we acquire as many emails as possible?” Because 97% are gonna leave your site and not purchase or get retargeted. With the Leadhook System, our focus is on getting the 97% opted in, so we can retarget a LOT cheaper than running ads, increasing retention and producing more email revenue.

Leverage Industry Proven Strategies and Profit Centers

You only get leverage proven strategies with this system, which includes impactful A-List sales copy… helping your readers connect the dots, exquisite designs and highly-effective subject lines, CTAs and of course sales.

Automatically Grow Your List Of Subscribers & Buyers, Month-in, Month-out.

While we work, you relax. Our system takes care of all the nitty-gritty work while you experience growth in sales, subscribers and repeat buyers like never-before.


Increase Customer Retention & Lifetime Value

Our system tracks your data daily for more growth targets, while you sit back and enjoy the new cash flowing into your bottom-line.

Optimize Deliverability

If your emails aren’t arriving in your customer’s inbox, you’ve guessed it: they’re useless. So, with the Leadhook System, we’re constantly optimizing your deliverability so you’re getting eyeballs on every single conversation.

List Segmentation & A/B Split Testing

If you want to stand apart from our brands, your primary target should be creating a personalized experience for every single customer that comes through your doors. This is what creates brand trust, and that’s why we follow ABT; Always be testing to find our most profitable messaging.

Case Studies


Email marketing for
online water
filtration retail shop

email marketing
copywriting for
lather jacket store

You’re in Good Company


Don't take our word for it...
here's what our customers think:

Let’s Get To The Point:

If you’re here right now it may be because you recognize your email marketing could be making at least 35% of total revenue or more for your brand. We’re here to tell you that this is not only possible but very likely when you have the correct strategy and highly-effective team on your side. Give us 30 minutes and we’ll show you how your store can become a monthly email cash cow in 90 days or less:

Here’s A Few Of High-Performing Emails From
The Leadhook System:

Case Study #1
$121,042 monthly revenue from email marketing
Antler Farms

Antler Farms® is a renowned producer of premium dietary supplements. They offer products across categories like strength, endurance, libido, detox, immunity, and more. In just a few months, we helped them build automation flows and a consistent campaign schedule that generates 60%+ of their monthly revenue via email marketing alone.

148% increase in email revenue

Since the brand only had the basic automations in place, Blossom was able to boost results astronomically.

Consistent Monthly Email Campaigns

We helped them create a campaign calendar that engaged subscribers, increased loyalty, and drove conversions.

Higher Engagement & Deliverability

We implemented the correct segmentation, allowing us to achieve a 50%+ open rate and 2%+ click rate via email.

Case Study #3
$677,830 in revenue
for a subscription-brand

OwlCrate is a subscription box service catering to book enthusiasts. Born from a dream in a basement suite, OwlCrate has evolved into a sensation in the Young-Adult book community, swiftly outgrowing its initial operations and relocating to a Portland-based fulfillment center. OwlCrate’s journey has included notable highlights, such as features in the New York Times and participation in prominent book festivals.

We built their flow automation system

OwlCrate didn’t have a proper flow setup. They were performing well with their campaigns, so we created their flows which led to a significant increase in revenue.

Custom, on-brand designs that shine

OwlCrate’s subscribers are fantasy book lovers. Creating a design that resonated and captured the attention of their customers was a top priority.

Churn and cancellation reduction

We built specific flows that prevented customer churn, won back subscribers who canceled their subscriptions, and nurtured existing customers.

Case Study #2
70% of revenue
for sustainable yoga brand

4-rth is a Los Angeles-based eco-friendly yoga brand. Committed to environmental responsibility, 4-rth uses sustainable fabrics like Modal and Tencel, derived from responsibly farmed trees. The brand prioritizes high-quality, functional garments over fleeting fashion trends. We helped them establish their email marketing platform from scratch. As a result, we generated 70% of their monthly revenue.

We built their entire email marketing

From scratch. When 4-rth came to us, they weren’t taking advantage of this marketing channel. We helped them change that over 3 months.

Beautiful designs and on-brand copy

Sustainable customers prefer to be spoken to in a specific voice. We matched 4-rth’s brand vibe and crafted stunning designs and copy that converts.

70% of email marketing revenue

In just 3 months, we helped increase their email marketing revenue from 0% to 70%, implementing robust flows and consistent campaigns.

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